ECOLOO Partners’ Program (Distribution or Affiliation)

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Operational model:
Through the affiliate program, the goods are delivered from our factory to customers directly. That might be costly for small quantity orders below a full load container. We can deliver to you if you prefer that or if you received orders from different customers. Payment is made either to you or directly to us. If you want to be one of our distributors, then you will be the one who orders, receives the goods, makes the payment and delivers to the end customer. Customer's bill will include packaging, shipping cost and product value.

You might decide on higher margin if you want to. All goods delivered are CIF and any damage occurs during transportation is covered by insurance. Any damage occurred from the port to the customer is covered by the local transport company. Product liability is covered by ECOLOO. 

Marketing and sales support:
ECOLOO offers this affiliate program at no cost and will virtually support and train the affiliates/distributors and customers online when it comes to installation, trouble shooting and any other issues related to the product and its functionality and guarantee. Affiliates/distributors will be on their own as freelancers to market the product and represent the brand the best way they can through their channels and social media. Any misrepresentation of the brand will disqualify and disconnect the affiliate/distributor account.

Social responsibility:
The affiliate program is a response to work from home and designed to create social impact for people who are suffering from the lockdown and pandemic and at the same time are passionate about solving WASH issues for their local communities/societies.

The affiliates will receive a 5% commission for all successful sales done through affiliates based on the net Ex Works value of the products, paid to them after full payment is done to ECOLOO.

You may also upgrade your partnership status to a distributor by purchasing units from us for direct resale to your customer. Distributors may not follow the 5% commission rate and can add their desired profit on top of the product price offered to them, bearing in mind, too high commission might lead to less or no sales and less social impact.